Ian Rayer Smith – Interview

I have been to one of Ian’s show’s in the past and so it was intrigued to see his new work. I think perhaps the painting shown below is riveting as well as the “black & blue one” upstairs are some of my favourites. Many people in attendance also said they like the black & blue painting the best. I compelled to know more so I casually ask Ian some questions at the opening night of his show at Noho Gallery in London, last Thursday night.

‘trampling over the classics 6’ 2022
oil on canvas
200 cm x 170 cm

P – what is a show all about? It’s nice to meet you by the way

I – (laughter…) thank you so much, it’s about silence and noise, quiet paintings and noisy paintings… sometimes, I like to do noisy paintings and other times I like to do things that are a bit quieter

P – and what period of your life does this cover?

I – well this all in the last couple of years so…

P – so you’ve been silent and…

I – yea sometimes we’ve all got different sides to our personality, sometimes we like noise, sometimes we like parties and, sometimes we like to have quite times…

I like… doing both things, I like to explore different things you know…

P – could you give me an example of a quiet painting and party painting?

I – The ones that are upstairs are quiet… these are the party paintings, downstairs. The ones upstairs are quiet, they are very still and they are more maybe a little bit spiritual, emotional… there is more of an emotional impact, they are basically bedroom paintings more lively more wild

P – so there is basically a kind of push and pull in this show between the upstairs and downstairs

I – there are subtle more solemn, they are basically bedroom paintings, and these are more loudly more energetic more wild…

P- well I’m glad we’re downstairs then

I – well you’ve come to the right place…

P – Thank you

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Ian Rayer-Smith – Sonitus Et Silentium at NoHo Studios

Sound and Silence. The title of Ian Rayer-Smith’s exhibition ‘Sonitus et Silentium’ refers to the double personalities of his recent works, going from vibrant/loud paintings to muted/quieter ones.

October 2022



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