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As I am scooping around I just discover new photographers that I choose to talk about because they are closely related to my sense of aesthetics. Here is EIKOH HOSOE and what I could find about him.


Eikoh Hosoe is one of Japan’s notable post-war photographers and film-makers. Hosoe was born in 1933 in Yamagata prefecture, as Toshihio Hosoe. He changed his name to Eikoh after the Second World War, to symbolize the new Japan he was photographing. He studied at the Tokyo College of Photography and graduated in 1954 to become a freelancer. Later, Hosoe worked for photography magazines and womens magazines. Hosoe gained professional acclaim when he won the Fuji Film Award student category


Early on in his career he abandoned the documentary style prevalent in the post-war years and produced photographs that breathed a sense of experimentation and freedom into photography. By calling on mythology, metaphor and symbolism he created images that broke the bounds of traditional photography. Hosoe developed a unique style situated at the crossroads of several different art forms, combining photography with elements of theatre, dance, film and traditional Japanese art.

Hosoe gained recognition in the late 1950s when he began to develop his close-ups of the human body. Embrace, a series of black-and-white, abstract nude photographs, encapsulates Hosoe’s strive for originality in this photographic genre.



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