Despite the GIF format's limitations, it can b...
Despite the GIF format’s limitations, it can be used to display animation, as this animation of Newton’s Cradle demonstrates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just love this new hand drawn animated gif. Animated gifs are making a comeback!

English: Unicellular
English: Unicellular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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2 thoughts on “animated-gifs

  1. hello pierluigi, I just found your wonderful site —-it is so nice that you liked my art work in brighton 2013 and mentioned my name, but just one small thing —
    could you please spell my last name correctly , on the internet the false information goes so widely…
    Kaarina Kaikkonen (not kaikonnen or kaikkonnen, these finnish names may be difficult, sorry)

    1. Hi Kaarina thanks for contacting me and I’m so sorry I misspelled your name I have amended it! People sometimes f*** up my name too 😉 Is it ok now? also do you live in Finland? I’d like to visit I had a video in a show there at this gallery but unfortunately I was not able to go…

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