Spectra – Giant beams of light in the sky of London

A couple of weeks ago I went walking by the river Thames next to the Houses of Parliament to see a spectacular work of art. I think it’s the most monumental and at the same time ephemeral work of art I have ever seen. It was quite incredible, moving and yet simple. I saw these giant bright beams of light shoot up from ground of Victoria Tower Gardens  to sky in what looked like a scene from a sci-fi movie and if you are familiar with mt work you will know how much I like lights! The work is called Spectra and by Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda produced in collaboration with Artangel. When viewed up close from the gardens was accompanied by a soundtrack that made the experience mesmerizing. I am including some picture I took as well as some other ones I found online to show you the magnitude of this work to commemorate WWI.






Spectra as seen from a Metropolitan Police helicopter by John Roberts

watch a video of Spectra here: https://www.facebook.com


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