Trans photo poster exhibition on Hackney Road

Trans photo posters

Last month I was cycling on Hackney Road near where the Joiners Arms (legendary LGBT pub and nightclub  in East London) used to be; I stumbled upon a transgender photo poster exhibition on the boards next to the pub that caught my eye, because I believe it should be seen by more people. So here goes my post as I saw it without additional commentary.

A because our existence is political, but my life isn’t up for debate ♦ because I never saw a photography exhibition showing people like me ♦ because my friends and I need to make our lives visible, and here we are ♦ because I want to show society that we are not the people the media portray ♦ because gender is a spectrum and there is so much beauty in that ♦ because I don’t need to manifest toxic masculinity in order to be valid as a man ♦ because in the same way there are many different versions of cis people, there are many different versions of trans people ♦ because I’m proud to be a trans woman ♦ because trans people are who they say they are ♦ because we should be treated with the same level of love and respect as any other human being ♦ because I’m proud to be a trans man ♦ because fuck the cis gaze ♦ because I’m trans but also I’m more than that, I’m a daughter, I’m a friend, I’m amazing



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