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I wanted to write something in my blog about the love affair I have art and fashion collaborations. Although I studied fine arts I always fantasized about studying fashion. Currently I even live with a couple that attended St Martins School of Fashion.

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

I happen to have worked as a visual merchandising assistant for a major luxury fashion brand when I first moved to London and now that I work in digital marketing one of my clients is a major high street fashion brand. One day I was doing some blogger outreach and I came across this Italian fashion style blogand rediscovered that a couple of artist I admire who had collaborations with luxury brands. One of them is Yayoi Kusama. I have seen her work a couple of times because at the Victoria Miro gallery and at the Tate Modern.

Keith Haring's iconic Radiant baby
Keith Haring’s iconic Radiant baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other is Keith Haring who has posthumously inspired Nicholas Kirwood to design a whole shoe collection and even his store.



Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring on

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