Kaarina Kaikkonen installation at the Brighton Festival

When I was I Brighton a couple of months ago I walked into a church by chance and discovered this a very beautiful installation made by of shirts tied together, hanging from the walls to create a stunning visual effect sort of like a blue vortex. I later found out the installation was called The Blue Route and that the artist was Kaarina Kaikkonen from Finland, who was invited to take part in the Brighton Festival. “Kaarina uses simple, everyday objects such as second-hand clothing, toilet paper and women’s shoes, to create large-scale installations that articulate the architectural or open space in which her works are sited”.

I liked her work so much that I used it as background for my Facebook profile picture so I deiced to write this post to give her credit. When I was walking back to the train station I noticed that the clock tower was being draped with clothing. It was another public installation of her work. Here are some pictures.





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