Modern Panic – Guerilla Zoo at the Apiary in Hackney

Last Sunday I went to see some challenging & eye catching art at APIARY STUDIOS (a community-based venue that provides an open platform for pure experimentation) on Hackney Road in Bethnal Green. The Modern Panic show is part of an annual series put on by Guerrilla Zoo described as a unique and powerful collection of surreal, controversial & provocative international artists.

The exhibition was spread over two big rooms and every possible space was used to showcase pictures, sculpture, photography or installations. As you walk in you can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by the quantity of work on dispaly yet feel amazed by statment the show is making as a whole. I got there a bit late on the last day of the so I probably didn’t get too see all of the video work in the room upstairs but which was one of my favourite parts. I managed to take a couple of pictures. I think the cover picture is by and artist called Andru Fijalkowski. I’m sorry if I didn’t get all the names right on the captions or forgot anybody – please contact me if I didn’t.

Franko B
Glenn Fitzpatrick
Daniel J Stoneham
Giles Walker

Charlotte Bailey
Charlotte Bailey

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