Thoughts about Art and Suicide Prevention.

Through work I had the chance to volunteer for charity Called Grassroots Suicide Prevention based in Brighton which taught be some very valuable lessons. I took on the challenge of volunteering to push myself out of my comfort zone because I believe in the cause of removing the stigma from talking about suicide. On Tuesday September 10 it was World Suicide Prevention Day and Grassroots held a special event to raise awareness about the issue and ask people to take the pledge. During the event I walked through the stands and purchased an art booklet that caught my eye called “Inside – An artist’s work: living with depression” by Yvonne J.Foster.

Yvonne’s work is created on iPad. She uses altered photographs, words and layered images to create a visual representation of what she is feeling inside which has helped her express what is difficult or cannot be expressed with words. As an artist myself, I can relate to that especially because whatever the medium we choose for expressing our inner self, we are always trying to work something out that comes from a place deep inside. In my opinion the therapeutic act of creation and the intrinsic message that comes through this mode of expression is a variation of the same message humans have been trying to express since cave paintings through a different medium.  Yvonne’s medium is digital photography worked through what has become an amazing tool for artists for creating images that may bring us to a very dark place sometimes but with the right support and channels can become instruments to save lives.

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