LOWER EAST SIDE one of the hottest neighbourhoods in New York

English: the Katz's Delicatessen Restaurant fr...
English: the Katz’s Delicatessen Restaurant from “When Harry met Sally”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been to New York many times. The first time was in the early 90s and as my stylist friend Blane says anyone who has visited NY at that time knows that the city has changed considerably since then. I remember squatting somewhere in Alphabet City and hanging out in the East Village when it was still a bit edgy and rough before being gentrified. I discovered many neighbourhoods at the time but for some reason I had never really hung out in Lower East Side, not even when I had to pass through it on my way to China Town or Canal Street.
This visit I was staying at the Ludlow Hotel which is near the corner of Ludlow and Houston (right next to Katz’s Delicatessen, famously known for Meg Ryan‘s fake orgasm scene in When Harry met Sally).  Ludlow street is also famous for its bars, nightlife and history and is where many filmmakers, artists and musicians have lived. Orchard street runs parallel to Ludlow and is now full of interesting boutiques such as Coming Soon where I bought “that “silver thing” you see in the window of the store by artist Grace Villamil

Coming SoonOwner Helena kindly gave me some tips for the best hangouts in the area. There is so much to see in this vibrant sector of town where newcomers mix with the locals and the nightlife is great. Also you can easily reach Canal street, where they sell all sorts of souvenirs, counterfeit fashion accessories and cheap electronics. I couldn’t resist  and I finally bought myself a selfie stick…

Helena -Coming Soon












and finally I’ll have what she’s having…

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