My Next Show in Rome – CosmoGRAFIES by Eva Czerkl

I’ll be showing new work in a collective exhibition at Varco Gallery in Rome next week (7May – 20 May) so watch this space for further updates and pictures from the show but for now you can have a sneak preview of the work on show by watching this video (the first image is mine).

The exhibition, curated by Eva Czerkl, aims to investigate through the works of 31 contemporary Italian and foreign artists of different generations and levels of experience, the complex relationship between science and art, between the cosmos and the human soul. The connecting theme of the show is the journey undertaken by man to discover, measure, represent, evoke nature, space, the sky, the universe and the cosmos. A fantastic journey through the imagination and artistic experimentation into new territories,  where trajectories, celestial bodies, and archaic cosmological beings become traces, symbols, graphic signs and graffiti. So every art work is somehow an interpretation of the universal mystery, even when lost in a fantastic game of abstraction…



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